The Cave of Phantoms.

The Cave of Phantoms

It’s dark, your scared!

You’re in cave.

You can’t see a way out.

You cower in the corner in darkness.

You open your eyes for a second and look above, Phantoms swoop and swirl darting in and out..appearing and disappearing.

They are like flashes of light, but they make you tremble as you try and focus on their image. Each one seems different…. it’s hard to see them as you keep wanting to look away and close your eyes in the darkness. 

It’s the only place you can feel safe, in the corner, eyes closed, waiting for something to save you or show you a way out.

You know you have to escape the cave. You can’t stay here forever, in fear, in darkness, scared. You have to look for a way out.

Your eyes open. Phantoms swoop. Some are small and some are big.

The smallest one grabs your attention. It’s ugly and you don’t want to look at it for more than a second. You close your eyes.

There’s something familiar about it, you look again.

It’s that terrible fear you’ve had ever since you were a child. It stays in your mind. You close your eyes.

You can only think of that phantom, the one from the past that scares you.

As you think it fades away, the phantom has gone, it’s from the past, it doesn’t matter anymore.

For a second your not sacred, then you open your eyes.

Phantoms swoop and swirl darting in and out..appearing and disappearing.


The Meaning of Life.

What is the meaning of life?

It’s a question some ponder about, but for most people it’s never enters their mind.  Some people need to know and some just don’t care. We are all on our own journeys and wherever you are on the road it doesn’t matter. I’ll just tell you what the meaning of life is  – to me.

Simply it’s “to love and be loved”

To love is to love all things, sure we can love our family and we can love chocolate cake but the real meaning of love goes much deeper. It’s a feeling that you get when you see beauty and it’s a feeling when you see suffering.

To be loved is more than the love from your wife or the praise from others, it’s also the realization of abundance and the willingness to accept it in your life. Once you can realize that there is more than enough for everybody and that you deserve every desire, then the doubt is removed and your desires will come into reality. So to be loved is also the love you have for yourself and the feeling without doubt that all will come to you.

You are in this world of duality and contrast to learn and experience the physical, something that you are very lucky to do. This opportunity is rare and just existing here at all is like wining the lottery every week of your life. The universe has no limits and to be in the physical world and experience god within you is the prize.

You only have your thoughts and feelings, there is nothing else. With your thoughts you create your feelings and with your feelings you create your reality.

Master your thoughts to love and be loved and then you get the prize.