Power Money Love

It’s easy to have!

Your power is enormous. You can be rich. You can experience unconditional love.

And it’s all just a thought away.

How do you get there?

That will be different for everyone, but the answer is always the same.

Whatever you are feeling and experiencing in your life now, be ready to open your mind, because that’s where you will find the keys to unlock your future.

I want you to have the Power to take control of your life and give you the means to obtain all the Money and Love that you desire.

Everyone’s life experience is different and that’s what makes the world so wonderful and diverse. Most people never reach their potential because they are held back by fear and lack of understanding.

Some people have never had the support and knowledge to help them through Life.

Living a fullfilling and happy life comes from knowing that

You have to take control, with or without the help of others.

You determine your own path in life.

You can overcome your fears.

You are special.

Once you know these simple truths then everything changes!

You become empoweredbecause you know you are in charge of your life

You live in the presentbecause the past is history 

You see your future – as you focus on your needs and set goals

You Understand – the power within

You Realise – everything is perfect

You Love – without bounds

You Lead – by example

You Are – enlightened

 As you can see. It’s all up to You.

Whatever your situation is, just be sure it can and will be better.

Knowing this can be hard for a lot of people who are struggling to overcome the past.

The only thing you need is the want to change. You need to feel like the time is right to make the change.

Transforming your life starts with a decision to change. You already know that, it’s only the uncertainty and fear that stops you. The hardest thing you will ever do is make the comitment to change. Once you have made that choice then you are on a fantastic journey and you will never look back.

Once you have committed yourself to change your life then you are ready and you will feel a great weight lift off your shoulders knowing that you now have taken control.

I want to share with you an opportunity to change your life and overcome your fears. I want to show you how to unlock your mind and learn how to become the best you can be.

Throw away your fears and make the change.

Start in the Cave of Phantoms. this is where you can face your fears

Feel Good Now

What are you thinking about right now?

When you think without the consideration your attention deserves, you may fail to get what you want in life.

With conscious thought your mind will react with feelings that relate to your thoughts.  Your feelings will create your life, so use them wisely.

There is nothing you need to do, just feel good now and your life will mirror your thoughts.

Train you mind to reject negative thoughts, just don’t let them in.

It really is that simple.

The Cave of Phantoms.

The Cave of Phantoms

It’s dark, your scared!

You’re in cave.

You can’t see a way out.

You cower in the corner in darkness.

You open your eyes for a second and look above, Phantoms swoop and swirl darting in and out..appearing and disappearing.

They are like flashes of light, but they make you tremble as you try and focus on their image. Each one seems different…. it’s hard to see them as you keep wanting to look away and close your eyes in the darkness. 

It’s the only place you can feel safe, in the corner, eyes closed, waiting for something to save you or show you a way out.

You know you have to escape the cave. You can’t stay here forever, in fear, in darkness, scared. You have to look for a way out.

Your eyes open. Phantoms swoop. Some are small and some are big.

The smallest one grabs your attention. It’s ugly and you don’t want to look at it for more than a second. You close your eyes.

There’s something familiar about it, you look again.

It’s that terrible fear you’ve had ever since you were a child. It stays in your mind. You close your eyes.

You can only think of that phantom, the one from the past that scares you.

As you think it fades away, the phantom has gone, it’s from the past, it doesn’t matter anymore.

For a second your not sacred, then you open your eyes.

Phantoms swoop and swirl darting in and out..appearing and disappearing.


The Meaning of Life.

What is the meaning of life?

It’s a question some ponder about, but for most people it’s never enters their mind.  Some people need to know and some just don’t care. We are all on our own journeys and wherever you are on the road it doesn’t matter. I’ll just tell you what the meaning of life is  – to me.

Simply it’s “to love and be loved”

To love is to love all things, sure we can love our family and we can love chocolate cake but the real meaning of love goes much deeper. It’s a feeling that you get when you see beauty and it’s a feeling when you see suffering.

To be loved is more than the love from your wife or the praise from others, it’s also the realization of abundance and the willingness to accept it in your life. Once you can realize that there is more than enough for everybody and that you deserve every desire, then the doubt is removed and your desires will come into reality. So to be loved is also the love you have for yourself and the feeling without doubt that all will come to you.

You are in this world of duality and contrast to learn and experience the physical, something that you are very lucky to do. This opportunity is rare and just existing here at all is like wining the lottery every week of your life. The universe has no limits and to be in the physical world and experience god within you is the prize.

You only have your thoughts and feelings, there is nothing else. With your thoughts you create your feelings and with your feelings you create your reality.

Master your thoughts to love and be loved and then you get the prize.


Good looks are good for you?

Everybody spends time looking in the mirror thinking that their body is not perfect, we naturally see ourselves as less than  perfect. In today’s world we are not judged only by our inner beauty or by the things we say and do so much. First impressions are based on our looks.  If you were lucky enough to be born with natural good looks then you will have an advantage in life. You will be more popular and have a easier time making friends and be part of the cool group of people.

If you investigate this a little  more you will see that although there is an advantage to natural good looks it’s not the big advantage that you imagine. There are issues with being good looking that others without such “first impression appeal” don’t have.  I find this to be the case with good looking woman as in our world today they are targets for men who can be dominating and forceful.

For example if you compare two woman, one whom is very good looking and another who has normal looks. Of course the difference can be as  subtle as the way they dress or the level of personal grooming. The point is that the good looking woman will be the target of more attention that the normal looking girl. So how does that attention affect the life of this woman compared to the other?  Is that attention a positive influence of her life?

The attention starts at an early age. when girls reach their teen years they will notice the glaring eyes of men who are naturally attracted to their looks. This can create different reactions depending on the character and confidence of the young girls. In some it will create fear and anxiety, which at an early age can stay with them throughout their lives.  Young minds need to be supported and any fears need to be minimized as they grow to learn to build their confidence and  maturity.

Of course with the normal looking girl the chances of the attention being a negative influence are reduced and she will have a higher chance of developing to maturity without issues associated with the glaring eyes.

This also continues as they grow older and start to interact with the opposite sex.  In their teenage years they will be the target of dominating young immature men who will approach them. This can be difficult again for the not so confident and socially inexperienced girls as they may not have  the ability to fend off   unwanted advances.  This situation when repeated can cause social and mental issues with girls as they may not always make the right choices and then  have to deal with the memories of their choices. This all happens when they are still developing the social skills towards maturity.

So in conclusion, it’s great to be born with good looks but it should be noted that for some people these looks can have a negative effect on their life as they will have some un wanted attention that they will have to deal with and that attention can cause life long issues.



The best Chauffeurs and Limo drivers

Have you ever wondered what the best personality traits are for a Limo driver or chauffeur?

This profession has a lot of challenges as the expectations are very high. People who use these services are generally using them for important occasions such as hiring a limousine for their wedding or meeting business clients at the airport. With this in  mind you can see how it can be a very difficult proposition when things go a little wrong.

Being late for example can cause a lot of frustration for the bride and the wedding party and also if the limo is not there waiting at the airport when the client is expecting a quick exit, then  emotions can run high. This is where a professional chauffeur has to be able to handle the situation in a manner that can diffuse the anger and make the best outcome from a troublesome event.

A limo driver has to be able to plan and be aware of all the possible problems that could occur with each job he undertakes. He needs to be aware of any traffic issues and be able to plan the job to ensure he arrives when expected. Also he has to understand the wants and requests of his clients, he or she need to know their names and the purpose of the trip as limousine hire can be expensive and the people who are using this service are normally wealthy people who are used to getting the best service.

Being a limo driver is not for everyone and it takes a special type of character to succeed in this role.  Limos are used for many different types of events such as weddings, nights out, corporate events, bucks nights and many other events. The Chauffeur has to adjust his style to cater for all these bookings. For weddings he needs to be friendly and supportive. For business clients he needs to be professional and efficient. For party’s and nights out hes should be careful and diligent as people can get drunk and cause problems.

The best limo drivers are patient and punctual. They identify the needs of their clients and are proactive in dealing with them. They are well mannered, well groomed has a high level of  awareness.

Driving a limo can be a very rewarding job as it involves a vast array of different events and is never boring. The key to being successful is planning and service. Always think of the job in advance and try to eliminate any problems that might occur. They should make sure they can always adapt and change to suit the job and try to give their clients an experience that will be remembered.

And above all the chauffeur must be friendly and always try to do the best for his clients. This is a service business and the key to being the best is to give the best service and to be proud of your position as it’s not a job that anyone can do.